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Water Softener Systems

Life is hard enough -your water shouldn't be hard too!

Water Softener Services Fort Worth Can Trust

Our Fort Worth Water Softener Systems Combat Hard Water

While its name may seem misleading, hard water isn’t a block of ice! Instead, this type of water is classified by its high dissolved mineral content. Hard water absorbs minerals like calcium and magnesium from rocks and soil. It’s not deemed a health hazard, but it can cause a few issues to occur in your home.

Luckily, Service Squad Plumbing has a solution for hard water hassles! Our team has state-of-the-art water softeners that maximize the quality of your water supply. With our industry-standard technology and expertise, you can trust our plumbing experts to help you get the most from your drinking water.

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How Does A Whole House Water Softener Work?

Whole-home softening systems remove calcium and magnesium from your water using an ion exchange process. Water flows through the unit’s mineral tank. This tank contains resin beads that are charged with sodium ions.

These beads capture hard minerals and exchange them with sodium ions. This process leaves your water soft and ready for daily use.

Our systems are capable of filtering these particles for all plumbing fixtures, making them a top choice for whole-house use.

Water Hardness In Fort Worth, TX

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is a highly populated area, creating a need for reliable water sources. This area receives water from a number of sources, such as Cedar Creek Lake and Lake Bridgeport. Many supplying reservoirs and water sources in the area have a higher mineral content, causing Fort Worth homeowners to have hard water.

Hard minerals do not alter the safety of drinking water. However, they can create a number of hassles within your Texas home. Investing in a soft water system can combat challenges from hard water, enhancing the quality of your drinking supply.

Problems Caused By Hard Water

Hard water is safe to drink, but it can be a pain to deal with in your home. Hard minerals create multiple inconveniences in your space, disrupting day-to-day tasks. A few problems that occur from hard water are:

  • Scale buildup on faucets
  • White stains on clothes and dishware
  • Water that tastes and smells strange
  • Pipe clogs
  • Inefficient plumbing fixtures

Instead of succumbing to this problem, Service Squad Plumbing is here to help! Our experts can combat the negative effects of hard water with our water softening technology. These systems are highly efficient, granting you the water experience every Fort Worth homeowner deserves.

How A Water Softener Installation Benefits Your Home

With the help of softening technology, your home can transform into a more comfortable and convenient space. These systems provide many advantages to Fort Worth homeowners, making them an appealing choice in the area.

Softer Hair And Smoother Skin

An early morning shower or an evening bath should be a relaxing experience. However, hard water can bring this serene feeling to a halt.

Water high in calcium and magnesium reduces the effectiveness of shampoos and soaps. This can make your hair appear dull and feel coarse, even when you lather, rinse and repeat. It can also cause your skin to feel dry and itchy, especially if you have skin conditions.

Longer-Lasting Plumbing Fixtures

Hard water can cause scale buildup within your plumbing appliances. When this occurs, it can negatively affect the efficiency of your fixtures. This unexpected form of wear and tear can lower the lifespan of your systems over time.

With the help of a softening system, your plumbing fixtures won’t have to deal with intense limescale accumulation. The ion exchange process keeps them in good condition, preventing a need for a new showerhead installation or an early water heater replacement.

Effective Soaps And Detergents

Water softening technology enhances the efficiency of soaps and detergents. It strengthens the lathering abilities of these cleaning agents, allowing them to break through scale and scum. This results in cleaner dishes and clothes after washing.

Get A Water Softener Check With Our Membership

Service Squad Plumbing is proud to offer a membership program that boosts the efficiency of your home systems! When you join our program, you can acquire many services, such as water softener checks and water quality testing. This program also comes with credit towards future replacements and equipment “401Ks.”

For only $120 each year — or $9.95 a month — this program is a deal you’ll want to take advantage of!

Water Softening Systems Fort Worth, TX, Can Depend On

When your water quality isn’t meeting your needs, Service Squad Plumbing is here to help! Our water softener technology is highly efficient, eliminating hassles caused by hard water. When you’re ready to add this system to your home, contact us today to explore your options.

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