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Hot water is a source of comfort and convenience for many Fort Worth residents. Whether you’re starting the day with a hot shower or ending it with a relaxing bath, this form of temperature control is critical. While hot water may seem like a luxury from the surface level, it’s also a necessity that many homeowners rely on.

Service Squad Plumbing strives to provide stellar water heater services in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. We utilize the latest technology to ensure you have heated water when you need it most. From cooking to cleaning, you can rest assured your heating system will work efficiently in your home.

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Options For Water Heater Installation

Thanks to modern technology, your home isn’t limited to one type of hot water system! Depending on your household needs, our technicians can help determine which unit is best suited for your home. We’re here to share a few options to consider when undergoing an installation.

Electric Water Heating Systems

As its name suggests, electric water heating systems use electricity to generate hot water. Traditional units store water in a tank and use electric coils to increase the water temperature. Once it has reached the desired temperature, the water is distributed throughout your home.

These systems are relatively compact and come in a range of sizes. The installation process is relatively simple compared to gas systems, which rely on gas lines to operate. However, they heat water slower than other models and can have higher operational costs.

Natural Gas Tank Heaters

Depending on the model, gas water heating units operate using propane or natural gas. Cold water enters its tank through a supply tube and is heated by a gas burner beneath the tank. A heat exchanger transports the heat from the burner to the water. It’s dispersed throughout your home once it reaches the proper temperature.

This system has relatively low operational costs and heats water faster than some other models. It’s beneficial for homes with existing gas lines. If your household doesn’t have a gas line, one will need to be installed to operate the unit. Since they’re powered by natural gas, the risk of gas leaks is also a factor to consider when investing in this system.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heating systems can be powered by gas or electricity. What makes them different from traditional models is that they do not use a tank to store water. When a hot water faucet is powered on, cold water flows over a heat exchanger in the machinery. An electric or gas-powered heating element heats the water for on-demand use.

This technology delivers a constant supply of hot water. You don’t have to wait for a tank to fill up before using it. These systems can be more energy efficient, saving money on your utility bill. However, they do have a higher upfront cost and limited flow rates.

Signs You Need A Water Heater Repair Service

No plumbing appliance is perfect all of the time. Your hot water system is no exception! Your machinery may experience issues that impact its ability to perform. When this occurs, a repair service may be the solution. A few signs you need professional repair are:

  • No hot water output
  • Fluctuating water temperatures
  • Leaks around the system
  • Odd sounds coming from the machinery
  • Low water pressure

When your system isn’t performing up to your standard, Service Squad Plumbing is here to help. We specialize in repair services that will enhance your unit’s efficiency. Consistent hot water is only one call away when you reach out to our team!

Trust Service Squad For Hot Water Heater Replacement

Unfortunately, your hot water system isn’t invincible. In some cases, a repair may not be enough to correct problems with the machinery. If your system is over 12 years old and requires frequent repair services, it may be time for a replacement.

Our team will gladly assist you with your next water heater installation! We’re prepared to evaluate the state of your system and determine if an upgrade is best for your home.

Take Advantage Of Our Membership Program

When you’re looking at local plumbing companies in Fort Worth, Service Squad Plumbing stands out from the competition! Our trusted plumbers provide thorough communication and transparent pricing every time we serve your home.

When you join our membership program, you can take advantage of valuable deals for your hot water system. For a one-time fee of $120 or $9.95 per month, you can get exclusive access to priority scheduling, water heater flushes and equipment “401K” plans for future replacements. Reach out to our experts to learn more about our membership!

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The local Fort Worth plumbers at Service Squad Plumbing are ready to assist you! Our services are performed with precision and care. We utilize the latest technology to ensure your plumbing needs are quickly met. Contact us today to schedule your next water heater replacement or repair with our team!

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