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person peeling potatoes over their sink and pushing the skin down the drain

Drain Cleaning

Keep your drains sparkling and your water flowing clear!

Drain Cleaning Service Fort Worth Can Count On

Your Local Fort Worth Drain Cleaning Company

Dirty drains can cause several issues that make life at home far less comfortable than you deserve. A slow-draining sink or tub is unsightly and unsanitary. Even when drain issues aren’t visible, bacterial growth inside of your drain can lead to foul odors and your friends suddenly no longer wanting to visit your home.

While drain cleaning services might seem fairly simple, the team here at Service Squad Plumbing takes it very seriously. If you think any of the drains in your home could use a cleaning, our team will get them gleaming.

When To Consider Professional Drain Cleaning Services

It can be difficult to decide when to call in professional services for your plumbing issues. If you’re dealing with any of the following issues, we can help with our cleaning services.

person peeling potatoes over their sink and pushing the skin down the drain

Persistent Clogs

A clogged drain can be a problem that ranges from a minor inconvenience to a major disaster. When you’re dealing with them regularly, it can become an all-consuming problem for your life at home.

Slow Draining Fixtures

A slow-draining sink can make an already rushed morning feel like a train wreck. It’s also difficult to feel clean taking showers in a tub that refuses to drain properly.

Foul Odors

Bacteria buildup and other organic blockages can cause unpleasant odors to come from your drains. Just like most smelly things, the best way to fix the issue is with a professional cleaning.

Gurgling Sounds In Drains

You should never ignore unusual sounds coming from your home. Gurgling is usually caused by water backing up at a blockage somewhere along your piping. This obstruction causes air bubbles to become trapped until they “gurgle” through.

No Improvement With DIY Methods

While we never recommend chemical drain cleaners, as they can cause damage to your pipes, it’s not unreasonable for you to attempt snaking or other less evasive cleaning methods yourself.

However, if you’ve tried and tried and the issue persists, it’s time to call in the professionals at Service Squad.

Preventive Maintenance

Regular professional cleanings are one of the best actions a homeowner can take for their plumbing system. This form of maintenance will help them avoid regular issues.

Older Plumbing Systems

If you happen to be moving into an older home, we highly suggest having your drains inspected and cleaned as a preventative measure. Our team will thoroughly clean your drainage system, preventing future issues.

Trust Us For Sewer Drain Cleaning

Maintaining your sewer lines can save you a lot of long-term hassle. When sewer line issues occur, they can quickly become disastrous. Our comprehensive inspections, paired with our professional sewer drain cleaning services, can give your sewer system the best chance of working well for years to come.

How Professional Drain Cleaning Works

Our team will employ several technologies to ensure that we leave every home with clean drains and smiling homeowners. None of them are cheap, chemical drain cleaners.


Drain snakes are commonly available tools that you can purchase at any hardware store. They’re fairly effective at handling moderate clogs as a DIY measure.

The snakes we use are not those. Using industrial-grade, snaking technology, will power through clogs that an off-the-shelf product couldn’t dream of handling.

Hydro Jetting

One of the most advanced drain cleaning methods is hydro jetting. Employing a specialized hose, highly pressurized water is used to pulverize and break up any obstructions that could be causing issues for your plumbing.

Service Squad Plumbing Will Make It Gleam

If you need a drain cleaning company that cuts no corners and only uses the latest technology, then now is the time to call Service Squad Plumbing. We’ll deploy one of our plumbing professionals who’ll have your drains emptying faster than the gas tank on a rocket ship. Contact us today to experience a clean drainage system in your home!

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