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Slab leaks can be caused by expansive soil movement or the materials and methods used for under-the-slab plumbing.

The flooring, walls, furniture, and appliances could all suffer severe damage, depending on the leak’s extent.

Therefore, one should not try to remedy a leak under thick concrete alone. DeSoto Texas Plumbing Services Company, are there to do the job for you.

Two common methods of repairing slab leaks include;

DeSoto Texas Plumbing Services Company
DeSoto Texas Plumbing Services Company

Switching and Relocating Pipes

It can be more cost-effective and time-efficient to reroute pipes above ground rather than digging them up. However, this should only be done by an expert, and that is where DeSoto Texas Plumber Services Company come in.

If the broken part of the pipe is only a few feet long, it might be more practical and less disruptive to reroute the plumbing lines around it.

If the pipes in a house are located beneath the concrete floor and cannot be reached without damaging the floor, it may be necessary to re-pipe the house. For example, the pipes may go around the wall instead of down the middle of the floor.

The most effective location for new pipes, hidden in the walls, floors, ceilings, attic, or closets, will be determined after a DeSoto Texas Plumbing Services Company plumber inspects the home.

While new water lines are being constructed, it is not required to vacate the building because water can be supplied through the already-in-place pipes. At the conclusion, the previous lines are terminated, and the new ones are activated.

Cutting a Passageway Below Ground Level

Our findings demonstrate that homeowners can get significant advantages by excavating below the house:
It is the most convenient option that allows you to remain in your house throughout the remodelling process.
The mess is kept outside your home
This is the least expensive option

Some plumbers opt to dig their holes to save money. However, DeSoto Texas Plumber Services Company hire engineers and provide a written guarantee. We know from experience how important it is for a plumber to keep the tunnel intact when working beneath a house.

To provide enough room for workers, tunnels are normally 3 feet deep and 3 feet broad. Correct reinstatement of the excavated soil is required.

The tunnel will be backfilled after the new plumbing has been installed and tested. To create a flat surface, we moisten the dirt and pound it with metal mallets.







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Our passionate team of highly trained plumbing technicians know how to handle any burst pipe or leaking water pipe in your Fort Worth residence. Our team members pride ourselves on showing up on time, every time, and always try to keep the same level of quality across all services to keep our customers coming back for more:

  • Latest Plumbing Technology: We use only the best and latest plumbing technologies to effectively carry out any repair on your home’s plumbing system.
  • Reliable Professionals: We know the importance of trusting your service provider, so all of our plumbing professionals are trained, screened, drug tested, and licensed.
  • On Time Service: No one should wait all day for a visit from their plumbing service provider. We make sure to always have a plumbing technician available for your convenience.
  • Honest Pricing: Before beginning any job, we let our customers know the price upfront, so that you can rest assured there will be no hidden fees or surprise costs.

When you call the plumbing experts at (817) 402-2188 for your next burst pipe repair and water leak repair service in Fort Worth, TX, you can expect professional results and friendly service when you need it most.

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