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If you’re a homeowner in Arlington, TX, or any of the nearby areas, you know just how important a reputable and reliable plumbing service company is when your home has a plumbing-related emergency. Service Squad Plumbing is your go-to plumbing service company offering expert drain cleaning service and high-quality sewer line camera inspection to get to the bottom of your plumbing problems.

Our team of professional and trusted plumbers strive to show up on time, every time, and treat each home we service as if it were our own. With on-time service and top-notch customer service, get in touch with Service Squad Plumbing for all of your residential plumbing services.

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Have you ever had to deal with stoppages while you had guests over or even when you just badly needed to use the bathroom? Drain stoppage issues are every homeowner’s nightmare. While it is not an uncommon home problem, it can definitely get annoying and expensive if left alone over time. Thus, it’s best to look out for any warning signs that could indicate a potential stoppage issue! One of

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Addressing Clogged Toilet Issues in Benbrook TX Clogged toilets are a common problem at home. This brings about inconvenience and embarrassment to most, if not all homeowners. Some clogs are easy to resolve by doing some quick-fix solutions, but things get different if your toilets frequently clog as it may need serious repair or replacement. What causes clogged toilets? There are several causes to why toilets are clogged:   Old

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Stoppage issues are NASTY. You might think they aren’t that bad, but they’re more than just an inconvenience in your household. So what makes stoppages so worrisome? Wastage and water will accumulate in your pipes when the drains are blocked. These will even flow back and pool up in your sink, yard, and more. The build-up then results in a rotten egg smell that will affect your quality of living,

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When to Schedule a Leak Detection Service Plumbing leaks are obnoxious and costly as it is, but a slab leak is far, far worse. When your Arlington, TX home has a slab leak, there is a good chance you can detect it on your own. However, not every slab leak is obvious, and the services of leak detection specialists may be necessary. Here is how and when you should schedule

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Casting Out Rotted Cast Iron Pipes in Arlington Is your home older than 2 to 3 decades? Was it built before 1970? Then your house’s plumbing is probably outdated! The biggest danger in outdated plumbing lies in cast iron pipes. Depending on how old your pipes are, you might face issues soon or could already be experiencing them. Cast iron pipes that are rotted will lead to leaks under your

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