Featured Projects: Damage Control for Plumbing Systems in Fort Worth Homes

Featured Projects: Damage Control for Plumbing Systems in Fort Worth Homes

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And while you’re enjoying Fort Worth through biking, we enjoy repairing the tubes that support your waterworks. Damage control is essential to any home, including what is under it. And by that, we mean the pipes that bring water you use when you take showers, wash dishes, and more. Here is some of the damage control that we did this week at our clients’ homes.

Fixing Your Foundations Means Fixing Your Pipes Too

Our customer in Fort Worth had to get their home’s foundation lifted. Foundation repair is sometimes a necessity, but it can cause damage to other parts of your home. The plumbing system, in particular, is susceptible to injury. Pipes can break, and most of the time, whoever is doing your foundation lifting is not liable for any damages caused. It is imperative that whenever you repair your foundations, you also have to consider fixing your pipes or preventing them from getting damaged. A reliable plumber is all you need to make sure no damage is done. And if there was damage, that trusty plumber can fix it!

One thing that could get damaged during foundation repair is the gas line. While water leaks are dangerous on their own, gas leaks are even more dangerous as they will make the area prone to further accidents. These include soil erosion, respiratory issues, and house fires. 

As a precautionary measure, we disconnected the gas in the back of our client’s house by capping off the gas line before foundation work begins. Now, our client can have her foundation lifted without having to worry about a gas leak inside her home. Capping and reinstalling the gas line after the foundation repair only took 20 minutes.

Leak Repair for Copper Pipes in the Fort Worth Area

Just like any other pipe, a copper pipe can also be prone to leaks. Plus, their material component makes them prone to damage and rust. A damaged pipe can cause more than just leaking; it can inflict damage within the house’s main framework and ruin furniture, too. And if that’s not scary enough, you also have to consider how leaks promote the growth of mold and bacteria which can be harmful to respiratory health.

This week, we had to repair the freshwater system. This is located in the wall of our client’s home. A copper line was leaking, which we had to locate. Our team then repaired the leak by cutting it out and soldering the copper pipe. This problem took us two hours to fix.

Hiring a professional to handle the situation is better than attempting to fix it on your own. Doing a DIY can cause further damage, especially if you’re not fully aware of which pipe is which and what’ll happen if you “fix” the wrong one. As they say, leave it to the experts!

Repairing a Broken Pipe in the Master Bath

Now on to our next project!

Our client needed a repair in the master bath of their home. There was an old pipe that had a HUGE crack down the side. Our plumbing experts jackhammered through the concrete around the flange to expose a broken combo fitting under the toilet flange encased within the structural beam. We then replaced the old combo using Scheduled 40 PVC and a brand new functional combo. The entire project took only one day, with one plumber and one helper

Had our client left this problem alone, their water bills, as well as their home, would be in a tight spot as leaks can cause spikes in bills and can potentially damage furniture.

Shut Off Valve Installation in a Fort Worth Home

Shut off valves are necessary so you can turn off the water in your home during an emergency or repair. Having a shut off valve is a must in every home if you want to prevent unnecessary water leaks, high water bills and misallocation of water use. A shut off valve also helps gives you peace of mind because you’re ensured that the water is completely turned off when not in use or when you go on vacation.

Our latest client had a leak on their yard line. This additional shut off valve in their front yard was needed to bring the yard line up to code when we had our work inspected by the city. It took our two-man crew only 3 hours to address the issues and solve the problem.

In emergency situations like a huge leak that needs to be repaired, a shut off valve is a lifesaver. And in case you also need to go on vacation, you can rely on your shut off valve to protect your home from leaks and your bills from unexpected spikes.  

Do you need a quick fix for your plumbing problems? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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