Adjust Your Plumbing System to Run Smoother

Clogged drains and leaky toilets are never fun to deal with. Every plumbing system runs into problems at some point, even ones that are well maintained. While some issues can’t always be avoided, you can help prevent them from trying these few tricks to get your plumbing system running smoother.

Balance the Water Pressure in Your Home

When the water pressure is high, it can take a toll on your pipes and be costly on your water bill. Having balanced water pressure in your home will provide relief for your pipes and plumbing fixtures as well as lower your monthly costs.

Your plumbing system is in constant use day in and day out. High water pressure can cause damage to plumbing equipment and cause premature aging.

Have your water pressure checked and if it is high, install a pressure regulator to ensure you are using the safe amount of pressure.

Use Hair Blockers in the Shower

We may not notice it, but we lose a lot of hair in the shower. Hair can cause clogs and blockages in your drain pipes, leading to water damage and problems with your plumbing system.

Using hair blockers over your tub and shower drains will help prevent unwanted clogs and buildups in your pipes. These screens are inexpensive and can be purchased at any home hardware store or supermarket in Fort Worth, TX.

Have Your Drains Cleaned

Having your drains cleaned is an essential part of plumbing system maintenance. Small debris, most we don’t even see, gets washed down the drain and can cause build up in your pipes.

Food particles can rot and cause foul smelling odors in your kitchen sink. Cleaning your drains will remove those unwanted smells and wash away built-up debris. This routine care is good for your pipes to prevent rusting and corrosion, thus increasing your plumbing system’s lifespan.

Meet the Local Requirements of Your City

Whether you are purchasing a home in a new area, or have decided to gut your kitchen, it is important to know your city plumbing guidelines and meet the local requirements. Plumbing inspections should be done when purchasing a home to ensure all plumbing is up to code and will be working well for your move-in date.

Additionally, if you decide to renovate, it is crucial to purchase a plumbing permit and have all construction completed up to city standards. This is important for you as the homeowner and any future homeowners that may come after you. The city can, and will, make you tear down and start over any new repairs done to your plumbing system that do not meet city requirements.

Small changes can go a long way with your plumbing system. Adding drain screens and having regular maintenance done to your pipes can increase the longevity of your plumbing and save you money on costly repairs down the road. Nothing beats having peace of mind when it comes to something as important as your plumbing system.


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