Addressing Plumbing Issues Effectively in Texas Homes This Week

What a busy week! I bet you’re curious to see what our expert plumbers have been up to. Read on below to learn about common plumbing issues that could be happening in your home, and how we are able to fix it.

Repairing a Separated Tub Drain in Burleson

Our first project takes us to Burleson, Texas. Their tub drain had separated from the rest of their piping. This had caused everything exiting the home to saturate the ground underneath the foundation. Had this continued, foundation issues would have happened, a safety hazard nobody wants to happen in their home. Our client even had to have concrete piers put in under the slab due to the plumbing leaks they were having for some time now.

To stop the plumbing leaks, as well as prevent any further issues that would arise, they called our team in. We had one licensed plumber and one apprentice on site to repair the drain. The repair only took them four hours. Thanks to our crew’s quick work, our client now has peace of mind knowing that there will be no more leaks nor foundation issues.

Proper Installation of Tub Spout in Fort Worth

For any job, whether big or small, it’s always important to have an expert do it. Of course, there are simple jobs you can do on your own, but a professional with expertise and experience are a huge help. When things are not done properly, the project can lead to failure, which can cause a lot of problems in the future.

Take a look at what happened in this bathroom in Fort Worth. Their old spout had fallen off due to improper installation, so they called us. And our experts were happy to help! We made an access hole at the tub spout stub out so we could solder on a new piece of copper. Once we were done soldering, we were able to attach the new tub spout properly. Since we’ve had a lot of experience with projects like these, our licensed plumber was able to make the repair in less than one hour.

The Importance of the P-Trap in Protecting Your Home from Sewer Gas

There was another issue that needed our attention—the P-Trap. For those of you that don’t know what the P-Trap is, it’s a liquid plug. Gravity traps an amount of water inside the bend after it goes down the drain. The P-Trap serves as a block against any sewer gas.

The P-Trap in their home had dried up, which would cause sewer odors had it been left alone. And who wants their home smelling like a sewer? Not only is the smell bad, but it can also be highly toxic. Sewer gas contains a lot of components you wouldn’t want your loved ones sniffing, such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane, and more. Our crew fixed this, and now our client does not have to worry about any dangerous bad odors.

A Detached Bathroom Exhaust Vent in a Fort Worth Attic

This last project still takes place in Fort Worth, but this time we’re working in their attic! The bathroom exhaust vent in their attic had broken. For some reason, it became loose and completely detached itself. With this detached, warm and humid air was being pumped into their attic. If not repaired, the moisture would have caused both mold and damage to their roof system. This is both a health and safety hazard.

Our team went inside the attic started by dismantling it. We then connected another elbow, as well as another piece of scheduled 40 PVC. After two hours, we were able to fix it. Then we did several tests to make sure that the vent was working as it should. Because of our attentive team members, we don’t just get the job done—we get it done right!

Fort Worth Kitchen Quick and Effective Sink Rebuild

Our crew then took it to their kitchen, where we had to do a sink rebuild. The pipes under the sink were aged and leaking. Left alone, the wood underneath their sink would have rotted, creating an eyesore in their beautiful home.

We went to work right away by removing the disposal and replumbing the kitchen sink drain. Our team was able to use the basket strainers and continuous waste that our client had provided. It took our licensed plumber only 30 minutes to make the repair.

Do you need a quick fix for your plumbing problems? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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